forty & fabulous

Establishing a proper skincare routine can be daunting at any age, but once you reach 40, the pressure to use the right products can feel all the more intense intense. On top of taking care of your skin's overall health, specific concerns like increasing pigmentation and burgeoning wrinkles are suddenly on your radar.

Your skin type is one of the primary factors to consider when deciding on your skincare.

  • Use a good gentle cleanser every morning and evening
  • Exfoliate more often, but gently - In your 30s, your skin’s inherent machinery—things like its natural rate of cell renewal and collagen production—began to downshift. And by 40, you really start seeing the effects. “Dead skin cells are slower to slough off—and the pileup can contribute to dryness and dull tone and even accentuate existing spots and wrinkles
  • Use honey facemasks twice a week before bed. Scrub with Manuka Fill, let set for 15 then wash away.
  • Add a hydrating serum - Your barrier isn’t solely to blame for skin’s sudden state of desiccation. “The moisture-trapping molecules in your dermis, like hyaluronic acid, start to diminish in the 40s To help plump and rehydrate, start replacing what’s been lost with a hyaluronic acid serum.
  • Eye Cream is a must!
  • Make rich moisturisers your BFF in the morning as well as evening. 
  • Always Use Sunscreen during the day